Intelligent Automated Network Security!

AiP Defense uses process automation to keep your servers and network secure!

AiP Defense Control Panel

For SMB IT Departments

AiP Defense is a great fit for the small business IT department.


Managed Service Providers

MSP’s will love AiP Defense it’s centrally managed, reasonably priced and will help you generate additional recurring revenue.

Developed by MSP’s, we truly understand the needs of your customers and the managed services business model. AiP Defense is a centralized and integrated way for you to keep your customer’s network secure. Contact Us to discuss the details of our MSP Program.

AiP Defense for MSP's

Enterprise IT Departments

Scalable, flexible, automated network security.

For very large enterprise-class organizations, or large data center and hosting environments, we are able to provide a dedicated Cloud Control Panel. Deploying the AiP agent to servers that do not have ports exposed to the internet can provide protection to resources even if a network has been penetrated to a degree. AiP Defense can prevent brute force hacking and dictionary attacks from within your internal network.

AiP for enterprise IT departments

Evolving Technology

As technology evolves we benefit from the positive uses but must evolve our security protocols to protect against the malicious use of the same tech.

With advancements in technology, supercomputers and Ai are becoming more affordable. As we see these technologies take root we also need to think about those who would use them for nefarious purposes. Cracking passwords and encryption will become easy work for would be hackers with these kinds of tech. AiP Defense is designed to protect your network from evolving threats.

Evolving Technologies

Hang On To Your Helmet

Our Process Automation will react to potential threats faster than any human could.

IT Departments face a long list of challenges from personnel reductions, tight budgets, rising costs, increasing security risks. As varied as they are, however, those challenges all point to one fundamental security imperative – improve efficiency.

Easy Install

You can be setup and running AiP Defense on your servers in less than 5 minutes.


Our software is priced so that ANY organization can afford to be secure


AiP Defense process automation is the perfect compliment to any IT department.


It only takes a few minutes to setup but will work even when you are not.

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Service Packages

Per Year
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Simple pricing model
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Exclusive MSP Pricing
  • Revenue Generating
  • Free setup
  • Managed Solution
  • Hosted by MDH Tech
  • Unlimited Agents

AiP Network Stats

Agents Installed 32+
Partners 4+
1.0 BETA Testing 95%
2.0 Development 3%

Network Utilization

Remaining Capacity


Black Listed IP's

White Listed IP's

Made for Everyone

AiP Defense is an affordable IDS / IPS host-based software that can be afforded and implemented by any organization. Our intelligent automated security is easy to use, it only takes 5 minutes to secure your network with AiP Defense.

Behind The Scenes

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of our international client base. Our team relies on unparalleled project management, monitoring and evaluation, information technology, risk management, team management, and stakeholder management experience in order to ensure our software offerings are the very BEST.

Matt leads our orginization with bold ideas and innovation. A graduate of Florida Tech and Marine Corps Veteran.

Matthew Hunn

CEO / Founder

Justin has a background in marketing and software consulting, he is also a certified IT professional.

Justin Vitz


Ellen has experience in development projects as a consultant and project manager.

John Boehr

Project Manager

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